How do I make a reservation?  &  Do I need to make one?
The best way to make a reservation is to do so on our site. Click the  button to check availability and make your reservation. Reserved tickets have priority.  Same day onsite tickets are limited to seat availability.

If the availability says 1 – that means 1 seat is available.

Where are you located? 
We are located in 9 miles west of Shelton, Washington at the base of the Olympic Peninsula. Our departure site is located at 421 W. Hanks Lake Road, Shelton, WA  98584.  Please cross the tracks and enter the next gate on the left for our parking area.  Look on our location page for a map and more information.  

What days do you operate?
We operate 5 days a week May through September, Thursdays through Mondays (closed Tuesday and Wednesday). Our Ticket Office is open from 8:30 AM until 5:30 PM.

Are the Railriders connected together like a train?
No, they aren’t, each Railrider is it’s own individual 4-seat vehicle.

May I bring my dog,  pet, service or support animal? 
Sorry, No. We love dogs, but for the safety of your pet or service or support animal, and pleasure of all guests we do not allow pets/animals of any kind to ride with you on your Railrider.

Are there any hazards on my trip?
We have 3 road crossings that you will need to stop to make sure it is safe to cross before you proceed.  Getting on and off of your Railrider it is important to hold on to your seat and mount and dismount carefully as the Railriders are easily moved along the tracks. When you return to Camp 1 please dismount slowly, it is common for your equilibrium to be a bit off for a moment after arriving.  Finally generally walking about the rail road can be hazardous so please be careful when walking near the tracks.
How long does it take and how far do we go? 
Our Camp 1 to Shelton Round Trip  is 13 miles. It takes about  two hours on average, depending on the group size. We pedal 6-1/2 miles toward Shelton and then we turn around and pedal back to Camp 1.
Do we have a guide? How do we turn around? 
You do have two guides on each excursion.  They will do the turning around for you at our midpoint on the rails. We use a special  turn table to turn each Railrider around. We travel back the same way we came.  We ask that you please remain on your Railrider during the duration of your trip except when instructed by your guide to get off. 

What do we do at the turn around site?  
Once you arrive at the turn around site you will carefully get off of your Railrider and wait for the rest of the group and your guide to arrive. This is a great time to stretch your legs, use the restroom if needed, and enjoy the company of your fellow guests. Please stay near the Railriders so that you will be ready to board after they have been rotated for the return trip.

Are there Size,  Age or Weight restrictions?
Our seats are adjustable for most heights.
The maximum that each guest may weigh is 280 pounds.

The Railriders are an all age adventure. We have had guests ranging from infants to those in their early eighties.  Infants 6 months old or younger may ride in a chest carrier if you are comfortable doing so. Infants and toddlers may also ride in their car seat that your guide will attach to a Railrider seat.  Please arrive 30 minutes prior to departure if your group needs to use a car seat.  At your discretion your toddler can be buckled in the Railrider seat but they may not be able to reach the pedals. Every Railrider seat has a lap style seat belt. If your youngster is determined enough they may be able to wiggle out of the lap belt, if this is a concern we suggest using your car seat for a more secure fit.
Weight: There is a weight restriction of 280 lbs. per person because the Railrider frames and seat supports are made of lightweight aluminum and can be damaged.  Weight greater than the limit can  cause unsafe riding conditions.

Will I need to change gears and are any other skills needed?
If you can pedal a bike you have what it takes to ride a Railrider. You don’t even need good balance. Your Railrider is very similar to a recumbent bicycle. There are no gears involved, you may coast when needed, and each guest pedals independently. The brakes are simple, a push of a lever is all that’s needed to engage them.

How strenuous is this activity? Are there any hills? This is a two hour  self pedaled round trip excursion.  Railriding is a physical sport that does require some effort. With that said however, all the pedals are free wheel.  Stronger guests can help less able guests if all agree to the arrangement. There is an average .75% downhill grade, with one mile section at a 2.2% grade from Camp 1 to the turn around just outside of Shelton. Be sure to relax on your way down so you have some extra energy to bring you back. Most guests are up to the physical task. If need be the guide can provide a limited number of Railriders with a pedal assist to help take the edge off on the return trip, guests receiving the assist will still need to pedal but it will be less challenging.

What happens on my trip?
We will depart as a group at your selected departure time.  You will generally get some space in between Railriders as you travel through the forest and enjoy a peaceful adventure.  When you reach your midpoint you may carefully get off of your Railrider. This is a great time to stretch your legs and use the restroom if needed.   It is not uncommon for your balance to be off when you dismount your Railrider.  Take your time and hold on to your seat until you get your land legs back.  Please stay near the Railriders so that you will be ready to board after they have been rotated for the return trip.  Please do not attempt to rotate your Railrider on your own as working around the tracks and with our turnstile is hazardous.   This time is a great opportunity to notify your guide if you need a seat adjustment.

What is the minimum/maximum number of people on a Railrider?

Each railrider has 4 seats.  We are currently capable of taking up to 36 people per departure.  We make every effort to seat you with your party, let us know when you book and check in so that we can try to keep you together.  Depending on how many guests are scheduled, you may be asked to share a railrider, and meet some new friends.

Will there be traffic on I-5 the day of my ride?

Absolutely!  Please allow extra time ++ for traffic and road construction so you can arrive 30 minutes early for check in and the safety briefing.

If you have any additional questions please don’t hesitate to e-mail us at info@vcrailriders.com.